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Having electrical issues in your home or office? Losing AC, heat, or power can be a major upset for your family, your employees, or your customers. Luckily, Bolt Electric is here to help. With our electrical repairs in San Antonio, TX, we will not only help determine the cause of your problem, but we will also provide a solution! We won’t leave you without the electrical help you need. Remember, we’ve been serving San Antonio for over 30 years and we are committed to keeping our customers happy. 


Serving Your Home…

Bolt Electric knows how important your home is to your family. Keeping the electrical components in proper working order is not always as simple as it seems. In case of a problem, our electrical repairs in San Antonio, TX are guaranteed to fix your problems. We promise! Over the years, our team has learned that the best way to keep our customers happy and coming back for future repairs is to not stop working until they are satisfied. Find out more about electrical repair in San Antonio, TX. You never know when your home might need the help!


… And Your Business!

Bolt Electric can also help solve your business’s electrical problems. If your business isn’t in tip-top shape, then you could experience a loss in revenue or productivity in your workers. Of course, you don’t want this problem for your business! Bolt Electric offers electric repair in San Antonio, TX for businesses just like yours. No matter what the problem you are experiencing, our experts will help troubleshoot the problem in your electrical work. Then, we will provide a solution! We know how important working electrical systems are to your business.


Contact Bolt Electric to begin your electrical repair in San Antonio, TX. We are here to help you solve the electric problems with your home or business!