Do you need LED lights in you San Antonio, TX home? Contact Bolt Electric to make this upgrade today!

Why are LED lights in San Antonio, TX the next BIG trend? Because there’s so many amazing benefits of having LED lights in your home. Bolt Electric is here to help you learn more about how LED lights can make your home or office more energy efficient, and save you money. Keep reading to learning more about LED lights in San Antonio, TX.


Energy Efficiency

Did you know why LED lights are becoming so popular? They are more than 80% more efficient than traditional lighting options like fluorescent and incandescent lightings. For an LED light, nearly 95% of the energy is created into light. For other lightbulbs, that same energy would only produce 5% light and waste nearly 95% as heat. With more energy producing light, you’ll be able to use less power to light your areas. And that means cost savings!


Longer Life Span

Additionally, LED lights in San Antonio, TX are also favored for another reason – their long life span. Think about it. When you buy new lightbulbs less often, you are saving money and time sent repurchasing items. LED lights can last up to six times longer than other types of light bulbs. Imagine how much money you could save with these lighting options!


If you are interested in upgrading your lighting with LED lights in San Antonio, TX, visit with Bolt Electric. We’ll help you make the transition to LED lighting. Remember all of the great benefits of having and using LED lights in your home or business – benefits for you AND the environment.