Panel Replacement

When is it time to change out my panel? How will I know?

Certain remodels or electrical projects around your home may call for a panel upgrade in your future. There are numerous situations in which it is best to talk with an electrician and talk about the options best suited for your situation. Here are some instances where a panel upgrade/replacement might be considered.

  • Hot Tub/Jacuzzi hookups
  • AC or Heating Systems
  • Room Additions or Kitchen Remodels
  • Additional Major Appliances (TV/Stereo Systems, Outdoor Lights, etc.)

Normal wear and tear can cause the wires in your panel to become a fire hazard. When buying newer appliances that use large amounts of electricity, it is always a good precaution to make sure your wiring is up to par so they can transfer power safely. If you notice loose switches or plugs, warm outlets, or rust near the panel, you may need to get a hold of an electrician to take care of it right away in the safest manner.

What are the dangers or hazards of Zensco/Federal Pacific Panels?

If you have a Federal Pacific or Zensco Electric Panel in your home, it is important to note that these are older model panels which have been deemed unsafe through published reports and tests run by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

***Zensco panels specifically were discontinued in the 1970’s and are found in homes older than the 80’s, it is important for homeowners of older housing communities to have an electrician that can safety repair and replace this discontinued product.

These breakers have a vast history of:

  • Failure to trip during an over-current, more than a reported 60% of the time, enabling an overwhelming possibility for a fire
  • Breakers failing to shut off internally, even if the toggle is switched to “off”
  • A falsified standard of testing, eliminating their credibility

Failure of these breakers could lead to easily avoidable problems and potential disasters if failed to be upgraded before it’s too late. Us and any other licensed electrician around will tell you and recommend that residential Federal Pacific/Zensco electrical panels be replaced entirely, or the entire panel assembly be replaced, regardless of model number or year of manufacture. The hazards of these panels greatly outweigh any other uncertainty someone may have towards replacing these products.

"I needed to have my main panel replaced with all of the connections and breakers, as well as the ground connection fixed and tested. The estimate was not the lowest, but NO ONE ELSE provided as much of a description of the work to be done. He also appeared confident in the estimate throughout the process. I was not sold anything, I felt comfortable with the whole service, I've recommended them to friends and family. "
- Eric F.

"They identified several issues that the inspector had missed, and they never tried to up-sell me extra things that I didn't need. It took them about 2.5 days to refit my entire house, and all at a very reasonable price. Their work was meticulous and clean. I can't recommend these guys enough. If you need electrical work done, look no further. "
- Chris M.