In the middle of revamping your home from floors to ceiling fans? Bolt Electric is here to help. With 30 years of experience in the electrical business, we’ve learned a thing or two. What is most important? YOU! We’re here to make sure your house renovation in San Antonio, TX goes smoothly.


How can Bolt Electric help? It’s true. We’re not a team of interior decorators. And we definitely don’t know what the “in” paint colors of 2016 are. But, our honest electricians CAN add a lot of value to your house renovation in San Antonio, TX. 


Upgrade Your Lighting

Start with an update that can REALLY change the look of your home – lighting! Bolt Electric can add, update, or move lighting in your house renovation to completely change the functionality and look of your home. Add recessed lighting, pendant lights, above or under counter lights, and even low-voltage lighting. Plus, if you are renovating an outdoor space, consider adding outdoor landscaping lights too! Bolt Electric is here to help you tackle all of your house renovations in San Antonio, TX.


Another aspect of your lighting… Is ceiling fans! We can assist in the installation, remote controls, and fan speed switches on all of your home’s ceiling fans. But, we’ll leave the ceiling fan selection to your or your interior designer.


Plugs and Switches

During a house renovation in San Antonio is a perfect time to take a look at where and how many plugs and switches you have in your home. Often, your plugs and switches aren’t in the most convenient places. It’s time to fix that and Bolt electric can help! We can even tackle dimmer and timed switches – making your home high tech after your house renovation in San Antonio, TX is complete!