The question we all wonder when bringing in a contractor: “But, how much will this cost?” At Bolt Electric, our mission is to keep our customers 100% satisfied – guaranteed! We’re here to help you accomplish all of your latest electrical needs and fixes. Of course, we know the price matters. Which is why we start with electrical estimating in San Antonio, TX.


Finally, you’ll know how much your project will cost BEFORE you tackle the latest electrical update. Our electrical estimating in San Antonio, TX will give you an idea about your potential project cost. Finally, you’ll be able to begin budgeting for your renovation. 


Bolt Electric can help with residential and commercial electrical projects. Our electrical estimating services also extend to both of these project areas. To see a few of our latest electrical projects, visit our PROJECTS page. There you’ll be able to browse our top quality electrical work in a convenient gallery! 


For our electrical estimating in San Antonio, TX, simply contact Bolt Electric. Tell us about your latest project. We’ll come out to see your space, perform an electrical estimating, and give you a quote on your project. We’re here to help you get the most out of your electrical work.


Remember, Bolt Electric is here to keep you 100% satisfied with your electrical work – guaranteed! We can assist in lighting upgrades, ceiling fan installations, and more in your home. For your business, we’ll bring our bucket truck to perform electrical work on those hard to reach areas. 


To get your electrical estimate in San Antonio, TX, contact Bolt Electric today! Let’s get started on your electrical project – TODAY!