Did you know there are four main type of kitchen lighting options available for your home in San Antonio, TX? Bolt Electric wants to help you create the perfect blend of these options: task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting. Remember, just because there isn’t wiring for the option yet, doesn’t mean you should stop considering the idea. Bolt Electric can help wire new electric areas into your kitchen – wherever you decide to place your new kitchen lighting in San Antonio, TX!


Task Lighting

Just like it sounds, task lighting helps you complete the typical tasks needed in a space. In your kitchen, task lighting makes sure you can see what you are cooking, chopping, or dicing – without having to struggle. Key locations for task lighting include underneath your cabinets, over the island, and in your pantry. Bright, focused light will keep you on task and cooking like a pro.


Ambient Lighting

The next type of kitchen lighting in San Antonio, TX? Ambient lighting. Think about how light can make your kitchen a more inviting space when selecting areas for this lighting type. These fixtures may include flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, a pendant or chandelier over the island, or even adjustable lighting beneath your kitchen counters. 


Accent Lighting

The next step for your kitchen lighting in San Antonio, TX is accent lighting. While this is less common in kitchen areas, artwork above breakfast nooks and tile backsplash over the sink are great focal points to highlight in your kitchen. Accent lighting can draw attention to these specific areas. 


Decorative Lighting

When you think of jaw dropping kitchens, you are likely picturing their beautiful decorative lighting options, too! These options include recessed lighting and decorative pendants. 


The final thing to consider is how all of these lighting elements will work together. Bolt Electric can help with this aspect of your kitchen lighting in San Antonio, TX too. Ask about our dimmer switches – they keep you in control of your lighting. Now you can change your space for breakfast, dinner parties, and food prep. Let’s get started!